The goal of our engineering is to make the projects come true, either by assisting the development of customers’ projects or even through their reproduction (and consequent adaptation) to our processes and equipment.

Our engineering work follows the strictest international standards for product manufacturing and standards of technical drawings, evaluations and product testing. For this, we have a complete library of standards and technical recommendations, which guide our work and help deliver products and services of the highest quality and international standard.

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Our basic premise is to provide quality products, for this we have equipment and highly trained personnel. The quality of the processes is controlled from the receipt of raw materials to the final product, delivered to the customer where necessary.

Supporting the premise of quality as a key point for maintaining a healthy long-term relationship between companies, are product evaluations, made by a laboratory capable of carrying out various tests, such as: mechanical resistance, IP65 for water and dust, IK10 for mechanical strength and cycling tests.


Our excellence in engineering solutions, with know-how covering several areas of Engineering and Design, as well as expertise in technical homologation tests and project validations. We have partnerships with national and international institutions for evaluations such as tests of advanced thermal behaviour, earthquake and electromagnetic shielding.