• Versatility

    Adaptable and various types of environments and spaces.

  • Safety

    Modern locking systems which, allows more safety to your belongings.

  • Full access control

    Allows opening through and control of access avoiding the loss.

  • Thickness option

    We developed your project according to with your need.

armário inteligente
  • Smart center

    This system can define how the user access to the locker (via keyboard, biometrics RFID and barcode).

    It determines which ports it can choose, how manyports it can use at the same time, what time to use and how much time it used.

    The intelligent control panel can use a series of lockers to monitoring reports, for example, who used it, how much time did it use,

    and several other relevant information to the system administrator for a management.

    The control panel is designed to meet up to 30 ports  users plus their capacity can be expanded for up to 60 ports users and can be manufactured in ports of the multipurpose line.


armário inteligente
  • Biometry
  • Ideal for academies

    The registration of biometrics is done by the user in a rotating or fixed manner with access to the company database.

    Rotary use

    1 ° The user positions the digital in the reader;

    2 ° After the confirmation beep, a port is made available to the user;

    3rd The user keeps his belongings;

    4 ° To remove, the user positions the digital one registered in the reader;

    5 ° The LED indicates the door to be opened;

    6 ° After removal the door is available to another user.

  • RFID Badge Indetifier
  • Ideal for hospitals

    The RFID system is widely used for access control and

    can be used in conjunction with locker lockers intelligent.

    1 ° The user places a badge on the reader;

    2º The door opens;

    3 ° The user places his belongings in the compartment and closes the door; The locker is reading and monitoring all activities and controlling time

    4 ° To remove belongings, the user positions the badge on the reader and the door is released.

leitor cracha
  • Bar Code
  • Ideal for post office

    Through the electronic central the system reads the bar code of the order and the server releases the designated port.

    1 ° The system operator opens the ports you will use;

    2 ° After this the operator loads the compartments with the goods and closes the door;

    3 ° The customer arrives at the central office and scans bar code;

    4 ° The designated compartment door opens and allows access to the customer.

leitor código de barras
  • Keyboard Password
  • Ideal for industries

    The keyboard can be used in two ways: the first in a

    rotating way, where the user register the password for

    each operation and the second with the assistance of the system operator.

    rotary use

    1 ° The user registers the password in the system;

    2° Choose a compartment;

    3 ° Keep the belongings and close the door;

    4 ° To remove belongings the user enters the password;

    5 ° The led will indicate the door to be opened and the user your belongings;

    6 ° After withdrawal the door will be available for another user.

leitor com senha teclado

Important Information

– The customer may choose to place an RFID reader (card), or Biometrics, or bar code reader, or all the options together, or combinations of two or three.

– The locker has emergency battery for case of power failure. The locker remains closed if it is switched off and when it is reconnected it returns to the same off, for example, if a port is being used, it is still locked, and the unlocking is only possible by the user or administrator.

– In the version with management, it is possible to register a master user that can have access to all the doors.

sistema de emergência

emergency system

The producer counter with a system against locking and power failure, allowing all compartments to be accessed collectively or individually through a key that disarms the eletroctronic lock.