NK 4540
Locker for Cell Phone

Cabinet 8 ports with USB compartment, polycarbonate display and electronic clasp, external finishing in custom UV printing, ideal for storing objects and loading cell phones and tablets. Produced from galvanized steel NBR 7008 – corrosion resistant, it has a factory anti-vandalism kit and door reinforcement to minimize the risk of break-in and increase the safety of belongings, anti-microbial and bactericidal (nanotechnology) paint, free of sharp edges (hands cut free) , reinforced hinges with 5 latches. The Nilko Metal Charger Cabinet has a 10-year warranty, widely used to carry employees’ cell phones in locker rooms, locker rooms, amusement park, schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants and any other function that needs safety and robustness.


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  • Made of galvanized sheet – NBR 7008 – resistant to corrosion;
  • Antimicrobial and bactericidal paint (nanotechnology);
  • Curled folds, free of sharp edges (hands cut free);
  • Reinforced hinges with 5 latches;
  • Factory anti-vandalism kit (to minimize the risk of break-in);
  • Locker room with 10 years warranty;
  • 16 colors available and up to 3 colors in the same product
  • Two swivel casters and two fixed castors for handling the assembly;
  • Each port has a USB road for mobile phones;
  • Maintenance of the electronic system is done by the top of the cabinet (not accessible to the user of the doors) and has an overload safety system (residual circuit breaker);
  • System power is Bivolt with cable in the back;
  • The electrical integration installed in the cabinet complies with NBR5410, in line with NR-10 regarding individual protection against accidental discharges;
  • Custom design option.


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Locker for Cell Phone”

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