About Us

Nilko lockers is a company of the Nilko group, focused on the manufacture of steel lockers and wardrobes and their accessories for the most diverse industries, businesses, and commercial purposes. Our multipurpose lockers are used in locker rooms in industries, as storage cabinets in gyms, as object storage lockers in water parks, as lockers rooms in oil rigs, and as wardrobes in bakeries. They feature the most diverse purposes, such as cabinets for cleaning materials, safes for hazardous materials, storage cabinets for customers, tablet chargers, trolleys, distribution of PPEs, collection and distribution for laundry services and a multitude of functions and uses.  Our DNA carries the constant search for quality and the manufacture of metal components using innovative processes and technology.  We have as our motto to have honest and long-term relationships with our customers and staff, whereby good service to all is a priority.

Quality Police
Our commitment is to provide multi-use lockers, professionals, banks and key holders satisfying the needs of our clients, through the continuous improvement of processes and the development of products with quality.