Nilko Modular System Line 1600

Plastic Nilko Lockers are resistant to any kind of environment , even under extremely humid and corrosion-inducing circumstances.

2)Made of High Impact ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

The Plastic dressing room Lockers can be completely washed, and offer all the practicality and safety that only Nilko can offer.

3)The solution to all your dressing room needs

No matter where, Nilko has the perfect solution for your specific dressing room needs.

Get to know the Plastic Nilko Lockers

The Nilko line of Modular System 1600 lockers in high impact ABS has come to revolutionize the market. With anti UV and NOBAC additives, which offer greater protection from solar radiation and maintain the product free of odor, fungi, and bacteria, it is without a doubt the perfect choice for hostile environments. Humid places, subject to the corrosive ocean air or that need constant sanitation are exceptionally suited to receive this product.

These lockers have been designed to be altered according to each client's needs, resulting thusly in customizable, safe and elegant dressing rooms. Beyond the aforementioned benefits, our product is also ecologically correct, since it is made entirely of recyclable materials.

Nilko also has a tradition of offering high quality products, further boosted by our product's 10 year warranty.

Know that you know, when the time comes to buy our lockers, don't forget the unique beauty, practicality, and safety that only Nilko can offer.

Details and Characteristics

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Details and Characteristics

What sets Nilko apart from others?

Nilko is known for being experienced in producing lockers, and this expertise brings with it qualities that you desire. Besides being practical and elegant, the Nilko Plastic Lockers leave factories already equipped with leveling feet, reinforced doors and silicone jambs.

For further customization, Nilko Plastic Lockers come in more than 10 different colors available to choose from.

And there's more. The Nilko Plastic Lockers also come with protection against UV solar radiation and leave factories with NOBAC additives, in order to maintain our product free of odors, fungi, and bacteria.

Other characteristics

Also have protection against UV solar radiation and NOBAC additives in the ABS.

Colors to choose from:

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